Brain tuning

TSerebreks – idea of Joshiro Nakamaty, the originator from Tokyo. Every day Nakamata begins that for 20–30 minutes takes seat in the invention. Through its stops transit special HF waves, causing a blood to direct to a head, feeding a brain oxygen and creating feel of euphoria. After tender alpha waves and pleasant sounds of murmur of water of Nakamata says that feels, as if has woken up after an eight-hour sleep. The apparatus takes off fatique, refines ideational activity, prevents a course of a disease of Altsgejmera, strenghtens memory, contributes in development of creative capabilities and a sexual potential. TSerebreks, already on sale in Japan, often instal in офисах367.

[1] In the Russian hire «Expelling a devil». – Primech. red.

[2] In the special literature as a syndrome of Kapgra term or aggregate of syndromes of a false recognition, or one of raznovidno stej such alienations. – Primech. red.

[3] Durating, more or less complete deprivation of the person of sensor impressions. – Primech. red.

[4] Anatomically isolated clump of the excitatory cells (neurons), nerve fibrils and a tissue tracking them. – Primech. red.

[5] The complete title of a film – «Doctor Strejndzhlav or As I have ceased to be afraid and has fallen in love with a charge». – Primech. red.

[6] In titles of phobias there are toe-outs with the Russian nomenclature. – Primech. red

[7] The hero of the novel of George dju More "Trilbi (1894), the musician owning hypnosis. – Primech. red.

[8] The hero of the novel of George dju More "Trilbi (1894), the musician owning hypnosis. – Primech. red.

[9] Daltonism. – Primech. red.

[10] With reference to a motion-picture a suspense – the art effect inducting the spectator in a durating disturbing status. – Primech. red.

[11] The complete title of the book – «the Person who has accepted the wife for a hat, and other stories from medical practice». – Primech. red.

[12] In the USA Sunday is considered in the maiden afternoon of week. – Primech. red.

[13] Receptors, in charge of painful feels. – Primech. red.

[14] The receptors which are responsible for a psychoemotional status and behaviour of the person. – Primech. red

Leah messages infraconsciously are perceived?

Leah can exude the Major Brother on our TV screens with the messages attacking at level of subconsciousness? A leah vendors of advertising are capable to cause us to buy the commodity? According to explorers from the Washington university, it is impossible. They have discovered that similar messages can influence how we think, but they are so short-term that practically do not attack behaviour. Scientists have made experiment where 481 persons should systematise the words written on the shield. A front their demonstrating helps very promptly flickered. Sometimes it helped the person, and sometimes – is not present. It was clarified that the words operating on subconsciousness, influenced the right answer only within the one tenth sec, and people in most cases solved a problem so, as if nothing видели365366.

The injured brain

Scientists consider that the excessive addicting for TV set review affects on forming of a children’s brain. This discovery has caused severe trouble among specialists on children’s evolution. They are anxious about concealed influencing of the TV set on capabilities of the child to instruction. A leah becomes at the child of less time for speculations, the assaying, reading, plays and dialogue? Experts notify: television for evolution – the same that fast food for health.

How the television-brain is shaped? The experimental American specialist on problems of instruction Jane Hil’s doctor считает363 that a growing brain of the child can physical be shaped by television as it is shaped owing to other iterated situations. The essence consists that the unstranding brain interacts with an environment, spotting, what sinapticheskie connections to boost and save, and what to slacken or lose for ever.

Television programs manipulate a brain by visual or sound actions. Hils states that television programs and advertising, including that that is removed specially for children, «use consensual responses of a brain to zoom-in, panoramas, loud sounds and rich colours, retaining it in unnatural excitation, but, more likely, at response level, than intellections» 363. Cumulative effect of these keyings also shapes a television-brain, that is a brain eating television and more by anything.

The television-brain can influence per capita the same as «a lazy eye», involving blindness. If the child suffers affliction from «a lazy eye» (amblyopias), the leese is temporarily mounted a healthy eye to cause "lazy" to operate normally. If it not to make, «the lazy eye» as a result will start to be perceived by a brain as useless and will go blind.

In judgement Hils,

… neurologic bottoms for reading, analytical thinking, steering of attention and abilities to solve a problem depend on the experience acquired every day. The brain prolongs to be enlarged even at teenagers, and we should pay attention to quality of its stimulation at young men in our century of the information and high speeds 363.

Hils agrees that durating review of the TV set can reduce a time of active attention of the child:

When children at first looked dynamical programs, and then such jobs as reading or the solution of the difficult puzzles, at them was marked attenuation of attention 363 carried out.

Moreover, Hils mentions influencing of television on tongue:

Though the television partly enlarges a lexicon of the person and dilates an outlook, it does not develop competent speech and capability at the person to structure the acquired information 363.

Hils notifies that television:

… hypnotic impact can make and cause neurologic dependence. It changes frequency of electric pulses of a brain, locking active cerebration and creating slow surge (alpha) at which one routinely there is an ideational activity. It is not known, a leah influences the regular review of television programs a picture of surges, but we know that levels of alpha waves can be modified by means of ageing

If Hils and other scientists are right, it explains, why teachers note often that the modern pupils think much worse, than earlier. At them the capability deeply is lowered and carefully to research a problem, gaps of their active attention are short, there are difficulties with ownership of a native language and ability to listen is lowered. At the same time now children long watch TV and play computer games.

Judgement Hils affirm also experiments on animals. Anatomist Merien Dajmond considers that «on a brain various types of action» 364 affect. Its probe of a brain of rats demonstrates that lack of healthy stimulation restricts growth of a cerebral cortex of animals.

In the experiment of Dajmond has parted rats on two bunches, one having seated in a solitary cell, and another – in a cell with developing toys. At rats of a second group a cerebral cortex, skew fields of the excitatory cells and veins in a brain have appeared as a result more largly.

Dajmond tells that when rats of the maiden bunch had an opportunity to look at the relatives in second, it has not rendered on them positive воздействия364.

How to advocate our children from a television? One of solutions – to ungear the TV set. Hils advises also something another:

Because of television mental faculties of children are modified, at least fractionally. To complain of it and to recall «old kind times» senselessly. As in school days the brain remains yielding, formation organisations should be adapted for needs of pupils, having tendered well glided program of instruction which one will contribute in development of intelligence 363.


You think, what electroconvulsive therapy (treatment by an electroshock) remained for patients of psychiatric clinics in the past? Here is not present. In the USA more than 100 thousand persons are daily subjected shock терапии362.

The prognosis for people with spinal marrow injuries is refined

The spinal marrow leads cues between a brain and all over. Its cultivation can cause a paralysis and violation of many physiological processes. The spinal marrow injury leads often to severe taints of urinary trajectories, respiratory diseases and a pneumonia. The last decades the prognosis for such people was unfavorable. However today more than 90 % of the patients placed in hospital with injuries of a spinal marrow, as a result are made out. Medial duration of their life constitutes now about 60 years.

The improving parent consists that patients gain drugs immediately. If within eight hours after an injury the steroid drug Methylprednisolonum is yielded, patients are recovered three times more often, than usually.

Now explorers experiment modes of recovery and cultivation of the damaged excitatory cells. In 1996 the Swedish neurologists have successfully bridged a spinal marrow of rats, using chemical "adhesive" and cells from a chest of animals therefore rats again could двигаться361.

Fatique to sympathise

Probes of stressful situations are usually centred on PTSR, staggering those who has visited catastrophe. Secondary PTSR occurs at those who has suffered at abandonment of aftereffects of catastrophes. They are manifold workers, fire, wreckers, quoters of law enforcement bodies, workers of the Geneva cross, the nurse and doctors of "first aid", psychologists. One of the appearances tracking secondary PTSR, – «fatique to sympathise». It those who helps потерпевшим360 suffer affliction.

Brain and violation of perception of a time

It appears, the one and only experience of marginal horror can modified brain biological chemistry. Such pavor makes people more sensitive to the blowouts of adrenaline making destructive effect, saved on stretch десятилетий346.

Scientists have noted that responsiveness to adrenaline blowouts is a pacing factor in posttraumatic stressful disorder (PTSR). At PTSR the person can perceive customary events painfullly. PTSR attacks persisted in catastrophes, veterans of the battles which have suffered from crimes and million of other people all over the world.

Now there is a direct testimony of that PTSR has a biological bottom. A row of probes points that at stress special districts of a brain are modified. Some scientists believe in a capability of development of treatment of biological changes at PTSR. One of such scientists – doctor Dennis of Common people from Jelsky university – marks:

Victim of a destructive injury can biologically be modified for ever, a leah there was it the infinite horror of battle, torture, constant violence in the childhood, unique crash with hurricane or the catastrophe, hardly not concluded loss. All unchecked stresses can have equal biological impact 347.

Common people adds: that in a brain there were changes, people should endure out-of-limit stress. It can be connected to incredible threat of life or to health at which one the person does not check a situation. Less severe stresses, for example because of financial problems or even death of the loved one, do not cause conversions at biology level.

The more strongly the injury, the is is more interquartile originating PTSR. However explorers cannot perceive till now, why at one people who have clashed with catastrophe, there are symptoms PTSR, and at others – are not present. And more one puzzle – why at some such symptoms last 40 years and more, and at some shortly disappear, is spontaneous or after therapy?

According to Common people, evidences of biological changes at stresses are multiplied from the midpoint of 1980th It reduces examples of laboratory trials on the animals subjected to stress. At such experiments scientists research cerebral activity of animals under the influence of electrical discharges.

Changes happen in three fields. At first, blue maculae – the structure regulating production by a brain of catecholamins is affected. These hormones will mobilise us in a dangerous situation. Apparently, at PTSR blue maculae becomes hyperactive and selects too many hormones even if to the person of anything or nearly so threatens nothing.

Secondly, Adrenocorticotrophinum release increases. It is one more hormone influencing an organism in a critical situation. Its amount is regulated by a part of the brain, connecting a pituitary body with a hypothalamus. At PTSR there is an excessive selection of a hormone even if perils actually is not present.

Thirdly, opioidnaja the brain system also becomes hyperactive. It can blunt sense of a pain. Similar change causes «emotional dullness» which one people with PTSR often mention. It is displayed in capability loss to test tender чувства347.

Doctor Matthew Friedman is convinced that «the understanding of the processes happening in a brain after stress, will help to create a drug, capable to convert changes back» 348. As doctor Lennis Etcherling speaks, «to be a victim … it does not mean to endure a terrible situation of all once – a depression can be saved months and even years after catastrophe».

Those who managed to avoid death, have often various injuries, combustions, fractures. Usually it spawns psychologic problems, specially if the person appears disfigured or feels a constant pain.

At the people who have persisted after catastrophe the hysteria, an alert, anger, depression more often are watched, they quite often test sense of guilt. In 1944 in the operation of Lindeman researched the people who have persisted at a fire in Boston where in 1942 the night club «Coconut grove» has burnt down and has perished nearby 490 человек349.

Nevertheless the severe psychologic injury is gained also by those who at all was not on the place of catastrophe. The monogynopaedium and friends of victims too can be referred to victims. The bunch of scientists of Minnesota researched such people and has clarified that to their mental health severe injury, specially is done when emergency has severe aftereffects, for example an air crash:

What relatives have perished in air crashes, appear the extremely vulnerable because of unexpectedness and mercilessness of this event … Is that confirmation that in such situation the death of relatives leads to heavier stress and destructive psychologic aftereffects, rather than death expected. Suddenness of an air crash enlarges hazard of originating of a psychologic injury at members of monogynopaediums and close friends of victims 350.

Experts mark that the first communication about death sounds often too sharply, raspingly and superimposes extremely deep psychologic wounds. Usually on it inform «by phone when the alarmed relatives search for the information on the relatives. Monogynopaediums and friends can be present on the place of accident, expecting news and having heavy stress» 351.

Scientists add: «Condition of catastrophe aggravates often an injury. For example, it can happen during a season of holidays when people anticipate joy recombination. But all appears destroyed during several secs» 351. When shortly before Christmas of 1985 the charter flight of army of the USA was broke down at the Gender on Newfoundland and all 256 persons on board have perished, their monogynopaediums have learnt about it in a major hall where have prepared to mark resetting of relatives. The room has been decorated by bright transparencies, children with pleasure anticipated a feast. The army institute of probes of Uoltera Read has come to a conclusion that such situation «only has boosted shock, disbelief and feel of loss which one does not abandon till now relatives of victims» 352.

Learning of human behaviour affirms that fact that the people working on places of catastrophes, also are subject to a severe psychologic hazard. Maiden reacting (firemen, police, doctors and employees of morgues) interfere with with heavy patterns which one quite often remain with them on all life. Probes demonstrate that shock can be boosted, if, at first, workers identify themselves with victims and realise with them personal connection, and secondly, too longly work, transferring for limits of the psychologic hardiness (that happens often at accidents). For example, after catastrophe in the Gender only three of 256 discovered skew fields have appeared in the relative remainance, and relatives could authenticate them. «It fastens down a detection time of remnants and process of their authenticating, and workers of rescue services are forced to be subjected more longly to stress» 351.

Those who comes to the rescue of persisted and their relatives after catastrophe, also are subjected to a psychologic hazard. For example, after a railway accident of 1977 in Sydney the bunch of explorers has discovered that depression and feel of feebleness originated at workers, whose tasks included rendering of an emotional support grieving семьям353.

In 1983 after the fire in Adelaide during quadragesima explorers have clarified that too tight and frequent dialogue between those who maintains victims of catastrophes, and on suffering affliction causes at maiden sleep violations, fatique and a muscular strain. In particular it touched those who emotionally maintained and advised пострадавших354.

Scientists from Minnesota have reported that probe of those who in 1985 shared in elimination of aftereffects of an air crash of run «Dallas – the Fort-vort», has demonstrated: «At the people working with monogynopaediums of victims, it was watched more symptoms of stress, than at any other bunch» 351.

The doctor B.Raphael, the author of the book «When happens fatality», 355 considers that for those who assists victims, exists three key sources of stress.

1. The close crash with the death, resembling of characteristic vulnerability.

2. Sharing of a pain with victims and their monogynopaediums which one expresses often in emotional identification.

3. Reeled indeterminate form and reeled конфликт355.

There are also others of a victim of catastrophes. Principals of commands of wreckers, public leaders and when it is a question of an air crash, collective of airline and staff аэропорта355 concern to them.

After the severe air crash which have entrained more of 200 lives, one of employees of airline had to transit through a temporary morgue to reach the unique accessible earphone. Terrible patterns of pieces of skew fields so have terrified it that afterwards it needed the help of the psychotherapist.

The ministering cashier remembers till now persons of mother and two small children whom it has at the last moment put aboard the plane, later разбившийся351.

Even the scientists learning catastrophes, are not insured from similar psychologic травм351.

Heavy shocks originate and at an unfair long-time imprisonment (political prisoners, prisoners of war). Such injury can remain with the person on all life.

For example, among the American military men who were taken prisoner during the Korean war, nine of ten persisted suffered affliction PTSR and had other mental problems throughout 35 years after release. This discovery was made by bunch of explorers of New Orleana356357. Their operation has proceeded, when participants of a war in Zalive358 have returned. Scientists have clarified that «the strong and durable stress causes durating violations of psychics almost in everything, irrespective of original psychologic health» 356. Aftereffects of similar trials are the regular memories and sleeps on war, a distance from relatives, marginal suspiciousness, uneasiness and deep depression. Many former prisoners are not capable to behave as standard people. It having appeared on freedom, some of them fall in psychiatric hospitals.

The soldier learn to battle, instead of to be taken prisoner. The prisoner of war does not know how correctly to behave. Scientific probes point that the durable abiding in places of lack of "norm" causes huge stress in the person. What to make – to oppose and perish or co-operate for the sake of a surviving? How to reconcile to life threat, was possiblly a constant? How to get used to lack of the rights, loss of the social role, the close people, native land, dialogue and hope? 356

Psychologists say that for consciousness and spirit collapse it is necessary to separate from the person the companions only. People – social beings, they can withstand a pain, but not loneliness. Therefore solitary imprisonment also causes such pavor in those who is in prison, – recall Arthur Kyostlera’s book «Blinding darkness» (1941) and «One day Ivan Denisovicha» Alexander Solzhenitsyna (1962). On the other hand, the main sense of the novel of Agnes the Newton Kate «to Troy have come back home» (1946) consists that, despite all horrors of abiding in Japanese concentration camps, the person has withstood all because there was not one. For many prisoners of war the road home appears долгой359.

Nejrodegenerativnoe disease – a problem in monogynopaedium

When parents transmit the children the bad genes, can originate nejrodegenerativnoe disease. Rotten genes cause a disadvantage of certain ferments. In the absence of these ferments in a blood toxines fall. These toxines gradually prepare in a liver, a lien, bones and that is the most dangerous, in a brain. For example, illness Melt-saxophone is capable to ruin apparent quite healthy the baby. The child runs in whom, perishing within several years, and with it of nothing поделаешь345.

Leah we can study under anaesthetic?

There is a severe testimony of that even if the person is without consciousness, at it perception and some learning capability are saved. It can mean that for instruction the realised perception is not obligatory. A leah can process information a human brain in the sleep? We learn that the psychologist from Sheffildsky university Jackie Andrejd’s doctor speaks about it:

«Idealised, the patient who is a hearth by a blanket narcosis, at arousing should not remember process. Events pripominanija the events happening during process, are almost always bound to an irregular anaesthesia. However led by Levinsonom in 1965 probe has pointed an information processing capability, despite a qualitative anaesthesia. The scientist has given examples of 10 patients by which one made stomatologic process in which one process the crisis situation and the anaesthesiologist was imitated exclaimed:“ Shut down process – at the patient too cyan labiums. It is necessary to add oxygens ”. Afterwards patients did not remember it“ crisis ”. However after a month under hypnosis four from them have word-for-word iterated exclamation of the anaesthesiologist, and other four have recalled it fractionally» 343344.

Brain in search of thrills

Leah can help change of perception of a time to preliminary treatment and treatment of mental diseases?

Some psychologists are assured that can. This theory is validated by some bunches of scientists worldwide. Some of them riged cameras of temporary insulation, seated there patients or customary people, and then watched that happens to behaviour and a human health if a time to manipulate. One of the known exploratory centres working with such cameras, is in hospital at Pensilvansky university in Philadelphia.

At first sight the camera resembles the freshly painted room of the hotel of middle tier, with the modern bathroom. But by close examination it is discovered that here there are no windows, the ceiling is covered by luminous panel, and a going into other rooms close down thick doors.

Psychologists can make so that in this camera in an hour there will be 50 minutes, in days – 36 hours, and night will set in during daylight hours. They are capable to change a natural course of a time easily. Manipulating light, hours, temperature and other factors, scientists hope to modified at the person sitting in the camera, perception of a time and to use the gained effects for preliminary treatment and treatment of mental diseases.

Using video cameras, computers and the hospital equipment, explorers hope more to learn about disturbing disorders, schizophrenia, depression and sleep violations, and also about influencing on a human skew field and consciousness of operation by turns, conveyances to other time zones and deprivatsii a sleep.

«That we here have seen [in hospital at Pensilvansky university], simply shocks, – doctor David Dings speaks. Is a place similar on a room abjointed from all remaining world: here is not present either windows, or the radio, earphones – anything that allows to perceive, what time is it now» 339.

Each camera is carefully advocated from radio waves, temperature variations, a sunlight, hum of street cleaners, odour of morning coffee – in blanket, from everything that can hint the person at the present. Moreover, cameras are allocated on springs that people could not experience the chatterings pointing an event in hospital, and to guess an approximate time of days. It is a complete retention from an external world, true «the camera bezvremenja».

The unstranding science chronobiology researches how the time influences behaviour and a human health. According to doctor Peter Uajbrou, colleague Dingsa, «the chronobiology has over the last 10 years had the strong evolution. Natural cycles influence people, and we not always perceive, how it happens» 340. The understanding of grows that many mental diseases, such as a maniacally-depressive psychosis and schizophrenia, can be connected to violation natural циклов340. Changing in the camera a day-night rhythm, doctors guess that can cure the person, whose system has somehow lost structural integrity. They make it through therapeutic process of "resynchronization" of the patient with the real world.

Besides a day-night rhythm in hospital at Pensilvansky university cycles are researched lunar (monthly) and the policeman. Revolution of the season and influencing (if that exists) on health and behaviour the increasing draw of a gravitational attraction of a Moon attention of explorers.

Dings supposes that similar probes are specially relevant in the postindustrial world which one company is aimed to around-the-clock active conduct of life. Though once almost all human activity stopped at night, now many factories, mills, racks work all day and night. What influencing will be rendered by these changes on a human body?

Dings has counted that the quarter of the population of industrial countries at times quits in dog shift. It has drawn a following output: «… though there is no mode to shut down activity of a company all day and night (for the majority of the factories to work for 24 hours more low-cost), we should perceive boundaries of biological capabilities of the person. It is necessary to use this knowledge to minimise destructive aftereffects of future changes» 339. He marks that «the company actually already is around-the-clock active» 341.

Dings mentions that many companies translate workers with maiden on second, and then to dog shift. It severely upsets a biological clock, causes stress, reduces productivity of transactions and leads to casualties. We should learn to recognise those people who are more subject to casualties in later time of days. For example, it is necessary to create special testas to tap pilots or functionals of atomic power stations who can fall asleep on a work place.

As notes Dings, knowledge of a day-night rhythm already were useful for that understanding, in what time of day of a drug have maximum an effect on the patient. The scientist says that by means of experiments with cameras it is necessary to make more many discoveries in the field of human behaviour and health.

Doctor Ron Granshtejn, the Sydney specialist on problems of violation of a sleep, says that cameras of temporary insulation «are very useful in the capacity of exploratory instruments». However he adds: the capability to treat by means of cameras such diseases, as schizophrenia is not demonstrated yet. Severe outputs can be made only after realisation scrupulous исследований342.