Leah can unjustly light up the person?

Such appearance is termed as "a spontaneous spontaneous combustion» (SS). The spontaneous spontaneous combustion is connected to inexplicable death or combustions at which one light radiant is not discovered. The spontaneous spontaneous combustion became a favourite subject for controversies among people, the interested paranormal appearances. However the science states that the spontaneous spontaneous combustion does not exist and that all similar events have an accurate explanation.

The maiden inferred event SS has been featured in the hospital literature by doctor John Overtonom, having occurbed in clause 1836 ", published in Transactions of the Medical Society of Tennessee. In the clause it is told about an event of originating of combustions at the professor of the mathematics, gained by an unknown fashion for the unknown parents in 1835.

In the Cold Dwelling (1852) Charless Dickenss the character by name of the Common raven accepts awful death from SS. In due time Dickens sharply criticised that it (we will tell so) inflated light of public pavors concerning this appearance which one existence is not demonstrated till now.

At times the event guessed SS is featured in the hospital literature or that more often, in periodicals. For example, the reporting of 1990 from Beijing began so: «the Official newspaper reports: the Chinese doctors are alarmed by appearance of a new hospital puzzle – the skew field of the young man can be inflamed spontaneously in the most sensitive places and burn clothing». Further it was said that at the young man axillas, a right hand and external sexual органы11 permanently flared up.

Was possiblly, the most known event such has happened in 1985 in England. About it it is told in the book Death from the Supernatural Parents, written Dzhenni Rendls and Peter Houkom12. After visitation of a lesson of housekeeping the girl-teenager has subitaneously lighted up, being tapped off on a school stairway. It has got only superficial combustions of a back, but in two weeks has perished in hospital from the complications caused by a taint.

This death is not connected to inexplicable events SS as the event explanation can appear simple enough. Doctor Bernard Knight, the professor of a judicial pathology from stand of medicine of the Welsh university, written about this event in New Scientist, sweeps aside probability SS in all similar происшествиях13. According to doctor Knight, «relevance is covered not so much in this tragedy which one parent easily speaks the jet of the gas which has inflamed a dress, but in an unlimited human requirement to believe in„ a spontaneous spontaneous combustion ", in the imagination spawned„ Cold Dwelling "of Charles Dickens. For years pathologists negated this phenomenon, however a spontaneous spontaneous combustion till now represents mass the delusion, not wishing to disappear from human minds».

Doctor Knight adds: «it is finite, dead skew fields can spark and lay in ashes, however for this purpose there should be a good radiant of light and the strong traction bar that solid grease has started to work as the fuel igniting a fuse of clothing, In it there is nothing„ spontaneous ", and the girl, whose clothing has lighted up on a back, most likely, has too close approached to the gaseous burner that has led to insignificant corruption after which one after a while there was
a flame».

Hardly it is possible to term it as a paranormal appearance that is why about SS the science betrays all mentions огню14.

The oldest chetvernjashki in the world – Adolf, Anna Maria, Emma and Elizabeth Ottman. They were born on May, 5th, 1912. Maiden in March, 1992 Adolf has perished, he was 79 years old.

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The British professor Adrian Targett knows the most ancient ancestor. Effects of tests of DNA of the professor have demonstrated that its relative is the skeleton discovered in Cheddare, which one age – nine millenaries.

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